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october 24, 2014 When it was announced eight months ago that there would be a new visual arts fair this fall overlapping the long-established Art Toronto, headlines and articles presented the congruence as a case of “an upstart” “
october 24, 2015 Artist Robert Genn wanted his home studio to be a place where he could chase his muses, and his children could discover their own. At the centre stood the easel where he painted, a sort of altar, surrounded by creative stations
october 22, 2014 more than 400 pieces by the ukraine-born abstract pioneer sonia delaunay are now on show at the paris museum of modern art in sonia delaunay: the colours of abstraction, the largest such exhibit in her adopted france since
october 21, 2014 A new hotel to be built in Ottawa puts the spotlight on public-private arrangements that are bringing cultural benefits, unique branding and prime downtown locations to mixed-use commercial developments. Groupe Germain Hospitalit
october 19, 2014 Artworks offering a new take on Acadian history, including the 1755 Expulsion, have entered the collection of the National Gallery of Canada in a move that may help silence New Brunswickers’ perennial criticisms of the