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august 23, 2014 Istvan Kantor, a Toronto-based performance artist whose best-known gestures involve spraying vials of his own blood on the walls of famous museums all over the world, appears to have claimed a new victim. On a Facebook profile
august 22, 2014 Being able to reverse gear in a camo-print ATV when there’s a bear staring you down on a wooded path might not seem like an especially valuable skill to have when you’re a globally acclaimed designer. But for Martha
august 21, 2014 Over 70 years Colville created a dark, ambiguous world with his small paintings simmering with quiet dread. Does the AGO explain a little too much? The question, really, when we talk about Alex Colville, the late, quietly
august 21, 2014 The first museum in North America that will display only Islamic art will open to the public next month in Toronto. The Aga Khan Museum's permanent collection will be the Aga Khan's personal family collection, which
august 20, 2014 Vancouver’s Chinese arts community is putting on a one-of-a-kind arts competition this fall. Organizers launched the inaugural Canada Chinese Art Bridge competition Wednesday at a news conference Chinatown’s