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october 30, 2014 New studies by Hill Strategies indicate that there are 136,600 artists in Canada who spent more time at their art than at any other occupation—making it a labour force larger than that engaged in automotive manufacturing
october 29, 2014 Lisa Oppenheim, an American artist whose work repurposing found and archival photographic and film materials has helped build a steady international career, is the winner of the $50,000 2014 AIMIA-AGO Photography Prize.
october 29, 2014 Linel Rebenchuk, founder of Art Toronto, announced Saturday that he will be stepping down from his position as vice president and executive director of Canada’s largest modern and contemporary art fair. The change is
october 28, 2014 The average consumer who wants to explore the rarefied, exclusive world of fine art may find that arcane market a bit more open and welcoming these days. For the novice art lover, some galleries — with their
october 24, 2014 When it was announced eight months ago that there would be a new visual arts fair this fall overlapping the long-established Art Toronto, headlines and articles presented the congruence as a case of “an upstart” “