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september 30, 2014 Drummer Mick Fleetwood is set to launch his own photography exhibition in Toronto. The founding member of Fleetwood Mac will see over 30 of his works on display at theLiss Gallery from this Wednesday through Oct. 31.
september 25, 2014 The National Gallery of Canada has appointed a new curator of Canadian art, Katerina Atanassova. Atanassova fills the vacancy left by respected long-time curator Charles Hill, who is retiring from the gallery in October.
september 25, 2014 In 2004, Montreal launched Canada’s first Nuit Blanche. Since then, the late-night public art party has inspired similar events in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax, andCharlottetown
september 25, 2014 Canadian painter Joseph Plaskett died in his sleep on September 21 in England at the age of 96. Born in New Westminster, BC, on July 12, 1918, Plaskett became known for painting intimate, everyday scenes such as interiors, still
September 24, 2014 We’ve been told for a long time that good artists break rules. But even in the most Oedipal art practice, the one most scornful of the last generation’s commandments, there’s some kind of stricture about what