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April 22, 2014 James Franco’s new exhibition at Pace is bad. It’s not a George W. Bush–caliber train wreck, but it’s close. The exhibition, “New Film Stills,” features 29 photographs from Franco’s series
april 17, 2014 Artists have structurally different brains compared with non-artists, a study has found. Participants' brain scans revealed that artists had increased neural matter in areas relating to fine motor movements and visual imagery.
april 18, 2014 Canada’s national arts funder, the Canada Council, will have a new leader come June 26. Yesterday, Simon Brault—currently CEO of the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal and recently vice-chair of
april 17, 2014 Dart Gallery owner thinks the Portland Street area could become a cultural hub Jane MacDougald is thrilled with the location of her art gallery on Dartmouth’s Portland Street. “This street is full of surprises,”
april 17, 2014 The last answer scrawled on Calgary murder victim Zackariah Rathwell’s final exam proved tragically ironic. Those fateful words, read by Alberta College of Art and Design instructor Jennifer Salahub to a gathering of emotional