Showing up at the party, simply isn’t enough anymore. Now that we’re finally in the late majority phase of the social media adoption curve, everyone needs to step up how they are interacting with social media sites.
A common misconception and fear about using Facebook and Twitter is that it will drive traffic online, but not actually into your studio, gallery or museum. However, using social media thoughtfully will build greater brand awareness, increase audience base, increase traffic, educate visitors, and reach new members or clients.
People don’t put their phones away anymore when they visit a gallery or museum, so use it to your advantage!

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A few tips on social media:
1.     One-sided communications aren’t fun for anyone! Engage your audience by asking questions, becoming fans of other artists and organizationsm and by participating in their discussions. have an open dialogue with your audience.
2.     Make sure you create the right profile for your organization! If people have to add you as a friend of request to join your group they are less likely to join – creating a Facebook Page is designed for your audience to quickly engage with you.
3.     Don’t be “too salesy!” If people feel like you’re only pushing memberships or sales they will not see a value in being a fan/follower of you. Your content needs to be rich and varied.  
4.     Set goals with timelines and have an action plan as to how you plan to meet those goals. Whether its live tweeting from an exhibition, creating custom hash tags on Twitter or having a contest for “checking-in” on Facebook.
5.     Make it your business to learn how to use these FREE tools to your advantage! Attend events like social media seminars or buy “Social Media for Dummies!” Vancouver-based Diane Farris Gallery, recently closed shop and went entirely online, presented two events to help artists navigate this overwhelming world: Social Media for Artists 101 & Social Media for Artists 102. These types of events exist in every community – you just need to look for them!

Who’s doing it right in Canada?





Art Gallery of Ontario

Toronto, ON

Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver, BC

National Gallery

 Ottawa, ON
Musée des Beaux

Montreal, QC
Art Gallery of Alberta

Edmonton, AB

Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto, ON

The Art Gallery of Ontario does a fantastic job with their social media, and their hard work is reflected in their numbers!
Look to others, and emulate what they’re doing. The Museum of Modern Art in New York just announced that they were raising their prices and their reason is – because they can! With over 862,000 Facebook likes and over 734,000 followers on Twitter (@MuseumModernArt), they are herding people into their museum and have a huge audience that now follows every move they make.
What social media / communities are must-be-on sites for artists and arts organizations in Canada?
-       Twitter
-       Facebook *Remember this needs to be a Fan Page, not a Group or a Friend*
-       Linkedin
-       Flickr
-       youtube
These new platforms allow you and your organization to create an open dialogue, breakdown the walls of inaccessibility, and help drive the success and sustainability of the arts as a whole. 

- team

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