merete gordon campbell uk art luncheon

earlier this week i attended a luncheon at the high commissioner for canada and mrs. nancy campbell's residence in london. as a vancouverite, I had always wanted to meet the former premier, and not just by trick-or-treating at his point grey home. i can honestly say that gordon campbell's new digs are quite nice! 

the location on grosvenor square is pretty posh. but neither the address, furniture, food nor wine impressed me as much as the art on the walls. canadian art was displayed throughout the residence and various canadian art books were left out on the tables. 

but, what i liked most about the art is that each piece was purposely selected to represent each part of canada. e.j. hughes, jean paul lemieux, david milne, goodridge roberts and jean paul riopelle were just some of the artists found in the home, along with a few pieces by native artists.

it's great to see that our high commissioner is still rooting for the home team so many miles away.

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