I'm not going to lie - yesterday I kind of felt like a big deal. with my hair and makeup professionally done and sporting a full length evening gown, I posed and smiled for an hour at the vancouver art gallery during my photo shoot for fashion magazine. No, I haven't ditched my day-job as an art dealer for the greener pastures of modeling. but, i was askd to be one of three people from vancouver to be featured in the magazine's story on female arts patrons in Canada. The article will outline the work and contributions women across the country in various not-for-profit organizations supporting visual arts, music, dance and theatre. It will be published in the November 2011 issue - so watch for me!

up until yesterday, I had never taken part in a professional photo shoot before and I was curious what the experience would entail. here's a breakdown of how my day went so you'll be totally prepared when it's your turn to model.

2 pm - hair and makeup

i met with the two other women featured from vancouver (sorry, I can't disclose their names, don't want to ruin the surprise) at the vancouver art gallery where the lovely melanie neufeld of LizBell agency spent two hours primping and prepping us with hair and makeup. i was surprised by how much feedback melanie wanted from us. the first thing she asked me was what makeup i was currently wearing and how much i normally wear. it was clear she was trying to make up feel comfortable and work with what we do naturally.

vag lizbell liz bell model magazine art patrons

before we could dive into my hair we needed to decide on a style (updo or tousled waves?), which was dependent upon the dress and the overall look we were going for with the two other girls. tousled waves it is!

arts patron model vancouver gallery photo shoot 

3:30 pm - wardrobe

each "model" brought three potential dresses because the styles all had to work together in one shot. for future reference avoid bold patterns, expecially stripes, since they're tough to pair with. i can't show you our final choices yet, but i'm sure you'll like what we chose!

4pm - photo shoot

The photographer (grant) and his assistant (rob) set us up right in the entranceway to the exhibition "the colour of my dreams: the surrealist revolution in art". i was kind of nervouse because every visitor to the vag has to walk right past us. it was so odd because some visitors stood and watched us for half and hour. we had quite the crowd surrounding us, but there really wasn't a heck of a lot going on. were we really that interesting? impossible!

photographer vag fashion magazine art

the most fascinating person "watching" us was a blind man and his guide. i loved listening to the guide describe a photo shoot (something so visual) to someone who couldn't see it.

the photo shoot itself lasted an hour, but the time flew by. grant positioned us naturally. we were told to relax and shake out our smiles and muscles if we felt too stiff. 

we moved up the staircase to another location to take a couple more shots - just to switch it up. by then the crowd has dispursed to spend time looking at the art, what they came to see in the first place!

the whole experience was fun, relaxed and professional. those of you who are photographers have probably been over this tons of times, but for those who have never taken part in a photo shoot, you now what to expect on the other side of the lens.

that's a wrap!

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