It's a new year, full of new beginnings, new goals and new challenges. with each new year comes new resolutions - what's yours? how can you improve? we're not referring to losing weight, learning a new language or practicing yoga (though these all sound like great ideas). we are talking about what you have resolved to do to increase your involvement in the canadian art world.

the visual arts in canada are so diverse that there are opportunities for everyone to be included, no matter what your background. here are a few resolutions you may want to adapt for the new year.

1) go to at least one art event per week

the great thing about the visual arts is that you don't need an invitation to attend almost any event! whether it's an opening at a gallery, an auction or even a museum exhibition, just being immersed in art will inspire you. you will learn no matter what your level of expertise.

don't know where to find all of these great events? check the calendar on

2) commit to meet one new person in the industry every month

if you work in the visual arts then networking will open so many doors. make a point of introducing yourself to new people at events, rather than being there strictly for the art. try to vary your contacts from gallerists, to media, to collectors. 2012 can really be an exciting year if you stick to this strategy!

3) promote yourself on social media

social media is the way of the future. don't fight it any longer. once you start you will wonder how you never lived without it. create a fan page on facebook and become a member of groups. start tweeting and remember to follow your followers. post your great photos to flickr and set up a professional profile on linkedin. don't forget to create a profile on and list all of your events so that people across the country can see how amazing you are! remember, you don't need to be in the art industry to have a presence in the arts on social media.

already taken the social media plunge? you can always do better. set goals for fans of your facebook page, followers on twitter and likes on your profile.

4) read three visual arts articles per week

the art world never sleeps so there is always tons to read about. browsing articles is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse and keep tabs on what is going on in the global art community. check out the homepage of for news articles we think are worth a read.

5) become a member of a local arts organization

show your support locally by purchasing a membership to your local art museum or society. not-for-profits are especially in need of your help due to government cut-backs so buy a membership, see some great art, get a tax receipt and show your museum that you care!

already a member? branch out and join another group too, or become more involved by volunteering or sitting on a board. other than the obivous museums, you should consider other organizations such as the Contemporary art society in vancouver and business for the arts in cities across canada.

do you have any other ideas for new year's resolutions? post them on our facebook page

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