With summer’s end in sight and the fall season of the art market upon us, we’ve decided to finally launch our blog on theartmarket.ca!
We know what you’re thinking... just what the world needs, another critic. But, we’ve concluded that we should save the ranting for those who do it best, and focus on what we do best.
Our goal is to create a space with new ideas, and tips for everyone from independent artists to experienced gallery owners and art lovers alike. It’s not just about connecting people within the art world; it’s about connecting those who perceive themselves outside of it.
We want to encourage people to question art in their lives, get involved in the arts, and help people better understand this community that is sometimes daunting.
Since launching on November 15, 2010 we’ve felt welcomed by the arts community, because they’ve seen that our sincere intentions for theartmarekt.ca are to better connect the art market within Canada.
We’ve received many emails asking for help on everything from buying and selling art. One in particular was an artist who sold a piece to a visitor on theartmarket.ca, but had never sold work outside of his small town gallery before. Do I FED-EX? Do I send the painting and then ask for a cheque? How do I package the work? These were only some of his questions, and we quickly realized that many more artists would be wondering the same thing.
Look forward to interviews with arts professionals, event highlights, job postings, guest bloggers, and everything in-between.
If you have an idea for a topic that you think we should write about, please email us at ideas@theartmarket.ca
Thanks for reading our rant
Kate + Merete

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