Every now and then we meet an artist who is really doing something different. When we made our annual pilgrimage to Art Basel Miami Beach this past December we were fortunate enough to find just that. However, what we discovered was not on the walls of a booth.

The first person we were introduced to at the VIP Preview was artist Harley Valentine (yes, we travelled all the way to Miami to meet an artist from Toronto). We...

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We're tickled pink by the new sculpture recently installed at the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood. People all too often dismiss this posh part of town as more of a mainstream shopping destination rather than a district know for cutting edge art. However, there are a number of terrific galleries on these streets and one hotel in particular that is now showing its fun and creative side.

Check out this great interview by the Hazelton Hotel with the talented sculptor Jaime Angelopoulos.


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we always love finding cool artists doing different things. Thanks to enpundit, we discovered the work of New York artist Kumi Yamashita.

Yamashita has been hard at work on her project titled, ‘constellation...

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Since Tuesday is the new monday in the art world... thought we'd kick off your week with some of our favourite public art from around the globe! 

The melting ice cream truck is a sculpture titled ...

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