August 23, 2012

Saudi Arabia is making its mark on the global contemporary art scene: works by Middle Eastern artists such as Talal Al Zeid and Mohammed Farea are available at Lam Art Gallery in Riyadh, the Empty Quarter photography gallery

august 22, 2012

A new mural was recently revealed on a South Atlanta public wall, but it looks like the painting was a bit too revealing itself. The piece, made by a professional Argentinian street artist 

august 22, 2012

When word began to spread that the Art Gallery of Windsor was moving the city library into its main floor for financial reasons, an all-too-familiar sense of economic anxiety rippled through the city's cultural community. It signaled further afield that the manufacturing town was not repairing quite so quickly as we

August 22, 2012

Four photographers, one grand prize of $50,000.

Let the voting begin.

The Grange Prize for contemporary photography is the only major Canadian art award that relies on a public vote to determine the winner. Along with the Sobey Art Prize

august 21, 2012

As a 21-year-old art student, I answered a help-wanted ad at the SoHo studio of Jeff Koons

august 21, 2012

If the scientists of the future ever want material to clone Beatle John Lennon, they need look no further than the work of Canadian artist Kirsten Zuk. That’s because Zuk’s latest bust, a portrait of the rock star with his signature

august 21, 2012

‘I’ve had a good run,” said Patti Smith the other day on the phone from her home in Manhattan, her voice a kind of gentle, accepting lament.

Blessedly, she wasn’t talking about retirement, though it’s true she did turn 65 last December. Indeed, at the time of our