August 3, 2012

Can you win an Olympic medal for

August 3, 2012

Street artists are feeling the Olympic pinch. Although organisers Locog stated that there were no official rules on the removal of graffiti and murals, several pieces of street art have been

August 2, 2012

Every five years, dOCUMENTA attracts hundreds of thousands of people to Kassel, Germany with an exhibition of mostly contemporary visual art that is massive in scale and culturally important in content. This year, for the first time, dOCUMENTA has extended its footprint beyond Kassel simultaneously with

August 1, 2012

Poland's long-lost masterpiece, attributed to Raphael and feared destroyed by many, has been re-discovered in a bank vault in an undisclosed location.

Portrait of a Young Man,

july 31, 2012


July 31, 2012

KASSEL, Germany — With 50 days left of documenta 13, the exhibition has several records in its sights. Between its June 9 opening and July 28, it is estimated that documenta will bring in over 378,000 visitors. That is slightly more than half of the

july 30, 2012

Ever chuckled at Bill Cosby, Bill Gates, Bill Murray, and Bill Clinton’s rule-flouting faces on Toronto construction hoarding? Meet the street artists who put them there.

It’s a joke that probably doesn’t need much in the way of explanation, but here goes: When real-estate developers put up a building, they’ll